Copper Lamp Shades

Copper Lamp Shades at Yours Truly

Photo by Riley Stewart, via's The Dish blog

Similar to the many other ultra-buzzy, independent restaurants that have opened in Toronto over the past couple of years, Yours Truly (229 Ossington Ave.) is a closet-small room run by a 28-year-old chef and a wait staff that was all born in the ’90s. And the decor is full of salvage and not terribly practical. To wit, when I went a few weeks ago, I had to lay my jacket on the floor behind the stool I was sitting on because there was no coat rack. I was, however, delighted by the different-sized copper lampshades that dot the ceiling. The shades have a simple but interesting shape and, of course, being copper, will develop an interesting patina overtime (because the food was so good—so good! Parsnip mousse = yummy—I’m sure I’ll be back to see the change). The restaurant was designed by Toronto’s Stroudfoot, which has done other quirky-beautiful restaurants including Origin and Colborne Lane.