Justin Trudeau, You’re Hot

Dear Justin Trudeau,

You’re hot.

I normally don’t find politicians hot. John Baird? Yikes. So scowly. And, let me be clear, I don’t think you’re hot because of your hunky, boy band good looks (seriously, were you ever in 98 Degrees?). And it’s definitely not because you’re father was Pierre Elliot Trudeau (although he was hot too), or because you can box (not that it hurts), or because you’re over 40 but still look good with your shirt off (although, again, that definitely doesn’t hurt).

You are hot because of your outspoken support for Katimavik, a program which really shaped my life, and which was cut, foolishly, in the most recent federal budget. For me, Katimavik was an opportunity to test my limits, and I will never forget the lessons it taught me about this country, about the value of community and about myself. I also know that the program was invaluable to the 10 people who completed the program with me, and to the communities we traveled to and volunteered in.

The Heritage Minister James Moore (who is, by the way, NOT hot) said that cutting Katimavik was “one of the easiest decisions” he’s “ever” made, because the program was too expensive (it costs around $15 million dollars a year). But the federal conservatives have never had a problem spending buckets of money on utter rubbish, so I simply can’t I buy the argument. The G20‘s $2 million fake lake and media pavilion? $25 billion dollars worth of fighter jets?

I hope that more people sign your petition, and follow your example by speaking up for Katimavik.

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