The Finger Trap on HBO’s Girls

Lena Dunham plays Hannah on HBO’s Girls

Even though we’re only six episodes in, there have been some noticeable trends on Lena Dunham’s Girlsgross guys, cupcakes, more gross guys. But on the latest episode — The Return — there was evidence of the most alarming trend by far: surprising someone with a little butt play. Here’s what I mean:

Hannah travels home to Lansing, Michigan to celebrate her parents’ wedding anniversary. But instead of spending time with her family, she meets a young man with farm boy good looks and wavy blond hair — Eric — who is a huge improvement from her previous boyfriend Adam, the jobless, brainless, shirtless wonder.

One thing leads to another and Hannah and Eric go back to his place, but how does she show her affection for him? Unannounced, she tries to slip her finger up his butt. Slip probably isn’t the right word as there was no lube in site. Would prod or chafe make more sense? Anyway, Eric isn’t amused. I know, many guys — gay or straight — like to get their prostates tickled. Few, I’m guessing, like it when a visitor comes through the back door unannounced. It’s the kind of thing that needs a consultation — maybe even some diagramming — to pull off properly.

What surprises me is that in the first episode of Girls, Adam tries to give Hannah some uninvited butt play and she (understandably) shuts him down. So why would she think Eric might like it any more? Hopefully he showered that day.

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